Sunday, April 6, 2014

We are HERE!
Our new home in Unity!

We are still living with many boxes all over the place, but we are working on getting them emptied out and put in their places.
Yes we still have a lot of snow, even for April! When we get the sun and warmed up temps, that will melt this white stuff.
May you all have a blessed day.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Has it been THAT long since I posted anything on my blog??

Well hello there! Sorry I have been missing so long. We have been busy here with the girls and all their schedules and are now in the process of moving so blogging hasn't even been thought of.

I have been creating and teaching as well and want to have another card making class before we do leave this old house in Knox.

After being here for 13 years I find out just how much stuff we have accumulated! YIKES is all I can say. HOLY MOLY do I have "stuff"!

Right now we are in an arctic cold spell and are trying to stay warm.

Well have got to finish up more packing so I will be back hopefully sooner than later! May you all be blessed!