Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crop Photos

Here are the photos I promised a week ago (gasp)! Sorry for the delay, must be from me not feeling well.
The first pic, left is Lisa Moore, a good friend, then my sis Patty, followed by my dear friend Patsy, and last but not least is another friend, Jennifer Webb. Thank you dear ladies for a wonderfully FUN time! Cannot wait to go again! Oh and Jennifer, I will MISS you when you move to CA! Please don't be a stranger on my blog, or my email.
I have made so many friends from the Close to My Heart BB! And met new friends from having gatherings and workshops.
What's that? You want to know where my picture is? LOL. Why darling, I was the one TAKING the photos! Maybe next time I will have someone take a picture of me!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How time flies . . . .

when you're having fun! Wow, sorry folks, it has been almost a week since I've been here. I will have to blame it on my not feeling well (bronchitis) and being really busy. I have been going to bed at a reasonable hour (reasonable in my case would be around 7 to 9 pm) and have actually slept quite awhile (again in my case more than 3 hours). So I guess my body has needed the extra rest!
So I haven't been creating any masterpieces (LOL) while I have been dormant. I am going shopping today with Patsy into Bangor, to get more cutting plates for my beloved cuttlebug. I had used that wonderful little machine SO much that I broke my B cutting plates! Imagine that!
I also want to pick up more of the embossing folders. LOVE those things! Makes embossing much more enjoyable! Less stress on the hands and arms. Wonderful invention!
Got to go for now, I will be back later on. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Wow! It is Monday already! Where did the weekend go? LOL. Saturday was so much fun! Patsy, Patty and I went to West Bath for a crop with some other Close To My Heart consultants. We had a blast! I did accomplish making a few cards and stamping some Bella images. Thank you Lisa!

There was a lot of fun stuff to look at too. Of course I bought some stuff! He hee. And actually helped others with their projects and well.

I will down load pictures later.

Got to go for now. I am planning a gathering for Wednesday! Yahoo! The call came out of the air last week!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Friday!

Only one more day to Saturday and the crop in West Bath! Yeah! I hope we have good weather so my sister Patty and friend, Patsy and I can go and have a scrapping good time! For all you sourthern gals, I would gladly give you the rest of the snow we would be having this year! LOL. Oh if ONLY that were possible!
I have camera on my list of things to take so I can post pictures of it later.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
I feel another give away comming next week! So stay tuned for that one.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We have a winner!

to the "I am thinking of a number!" post. Belinda you are the LUCKY winner of . . . .
5 texture cards! I will bring them over Thursday morning!
Way to go girl!

I will be having more give aways on here later. So keep yer peeps here to check it all out!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Stormy Days

When I first got up this morning I had no idea if i would see snow as far as the eye can see, or not. Well there was no new snow this morning! Kind of dissappointed, but my knees were very stiff and hard to move! Oh oh! Found out before I headed out the door for daycare, school was canceled!

Canceled! Not a snow drop in site. Wow! At 1:30pm I went out to shovel a path on my deck and it was almost a foot deep! Glad they canceled school.
Wonder what it will do tomorrow?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More textured cards

Ok, this texture thing has got hold of me! Or do I have hold of it? Either way I can't seem to stop! Keep getting more and more ideas of other cards I can do. Like how one idea can lead to another, that is what is happening to me on these cards. I was working on the Life Delights paper packet, when I thought the Paper Garden one would look equally good using texture(especially since I LOVE purples). When I finished with the Life Delights packet (woefully small scraps left there), I started with the Paper Garden paper packet. I decided to cut the papers differently as I had used most of the certain sizes up and wanted more of that same size. As I wanted to get more pieces for the card making, I reconfigured Antionette's "20 from 3" program. I still haven't finished makeing these cards yet, so I do not know how many I can get from 1/2 paper packet.
I the mean time, I will post the pictures I took earlier this morning. Enjoy!

I am STILL thinking of a number!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I made these 10 cards yesterday, using my new cuttlebug! Love the texture it adds to these cards. I have a couple with no greetings on them and the others say happy birthday.
The paper is from Close to My Heart Life Delights. Hope you enjoy!
Still thinking of a number from 1 to 50!
No. 2 is NOT it!
Keep guessing, the one closest to MY number wins a surprise! I will give you until Wednesday, January 16th.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm thinking of a number

and if YOU guess the right number when posting a comment, you may win! Now WHAT will you win? It's a surprise! OK, now go ahead and guess my number, I have it posted on my computer screen where NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY, NO ONE can find it!
Hah! The number is between 1 and 50.

It's here!

I have reverted back to childhood days now! Well at least in my excitement! My cuttlebug arrived yesterday! Thank you Yolanda, for being so generous and letting me purchase your cuttlebug and all the folders and die cuts as well!
I have already played with it for awhile this morning. LOL. Cannot wait to use it on cards I have been planning in my head.
Cannot post pictures yet, as I have a swap to get ready to mail. I already warned my postmaster yesterday I would have a bunch of packages going out! She is new to my PO and was very nervous! I have been there (nervous) before, so I tried to make her feel more comfortable.
Anyway got to go and sort and package these up for the consultants that signed up. I know they will be so excited to get these nifty little business builders.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PEACE Reigns!

It is now after 4 am my time, and it is so quiet I can hear myself typing on the keyboard! That only happens 1.) when no one else is here or 2.) everyone is sleeping. Since I am hardly EVER here by myself, this is usually when I have "my time". This is very important to all human beings, but especially to this wife, mom, grandmother - ME! This is the time I relax, read my bible, work out some layouts or cards that I have dreamed up and/or just reflect on what I want to accomplish in the day.
Since I always have my hand in more projects than is humanly possible at times, I try to use the time I have to myself constructively. I plan like cards/layouts together, themed projects together etc. Then I pull all needed materials in a large canvas bag together, so when I CAN work on them, I just grab that bag and go to town!
This method DOES work, at least for me. In two days I made (just me) 150 cards! The first day, I stamped, embossed, chalked pieces and embellishments, then started assembling them. The second day I finished assembling them and added the envies, boxed them up in groups of 10 cards and had them ready for delivery before I had to go and pick up the girls at daycare. See what one highly motivated person can do? Being organized certainly helps!
Please, do not even for one moment think that I am a truely organized person 100% of the time. For alas, I am not. I try to make it count when I need it.
I do need to get ready for the crop in West Bath Saturday January 19, So the MOST I will be bringing is 2 bags, as compared to the 4 bags I brought last time!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

These hands . . .

have changed many diapers;

have made many meals;

have done tons of laundry;

have done boatloads of dishes;

have wiped oceans of tears away;

have held you when you were heartbroken;

have mended countless boo boo's;

have decorated mountians of birthday cakes and hosted many parties;

have hugged you in both happy times and sad;

have made clothes for you;

have made quilts for you to stay warm and to remember me by;

have crafted many gifts for you to enjoy;

have prayed for you.

These hands have done these things, not for money or recognition; but for the LOVE I have for you.

These hands are LOVE.

Have YOU used YOUR hands to show how much you love someone?

by: Kathy Kendall

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A day out

Well I did it. I went shopping today with Patsy (the girls daycare provider). We had a blast. Nothing like going into ACMoore, Walmart and Joann's to make a girl's day! We even had lunch, just the two of us and got to eat it still hot! Amazing! Almost forgot what that was like! LOL! Those of you with small children will understand.

We browsed for hours, picking up a few things here and there. Got some stuff for the girls (of course) and some for me as well. Cannot wait until the next extersion! Got to save some money for that of course.

I got to see Sue today at Walmart in my favorite section (crafts). It was nice to see her again.

I am still working on some cards for my swaps, and will post later when I'm finished with them. In the meantime, I will post a card set I made for Patsy using the Silhuette Creative Basics. Enjoy!

Oh happy day

It's Saturday! Yeah! I still have yet to figure out the how to in the posting of pictures. LOL. For those that know me, well I WILL figure it out, EVENTUALLY! LOL.

I have on my calendar of things to do for today, finish the card swap for Lisa, prep the 4 double layouts (8 total) in Christmas for Belinda before Monday, and the most important, go shopping with Patsy. LOL.

Okay not sure how much will be accomplished today, probably depends on how long I am gone!

I have been working on cards for a swap and have finished these so far:

Ha ha ha ha. Ok so I should add pictures first then add my message. Oh well, at least I followed the directions this time! Ya, ya I know, I should have the first time! Guess I was somewhat tired!

I will post more later. Got to go and get ready for SHOPPING!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Good morning all . . .

It is now 2 am am I am awake and up thanks to a very lovely 3 year old, named Emily. Once in a while she sleeps all night, ONCE in a while! Who knows what goes through her head, and into her dreams.

We are STILL potty training her, yep still. She has good days and bad days, like all of us! I haven't pushed her hard because of the other issues she has had, and wanted to make this a FUN project. FUN! What was I thinking? Potty training is not fun! Not fun for me and I am sure not fun for her! But enough of my ranting a raving!

Here is a picture of my little girls from our Christmas photos.

Ok since I have yet to figure out how to post pictures, this may take a moment or two . . .

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello! I can't believe I have a blog now. Hmn, please be patient with me as I am learning as I go.
Well I don't know about any one else, but I sure am glad the holidays are over. Whew! As the years go on the Holidays seem to be busier for me. Maybe raising 2 girls at my age has something to do with it! LOL. I always seem to want to do more and more (as far as making things for gifts).
Since the time is fast approaching 7 pm, I need to go and give Emily a treatment for her asthma, and get them both ready for bed. Then maybe I can post more here.