Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Time goes by so fast these days. Trying to fit in so many activities with the girls I seem to forget to post on here.

This year is going to be a "gifts from the heart". It is not HOW much you spend but HOW much LOVE you put into the effort. I am making gifts for my family and friends. Some have already recieved their gifts, and others will be getting them later.

The girls are making their own Christmas cards to give to classmates and teachers this year. And I am teaching them how to make cute gifts to give as well. We will be picking up some lollypops to decorate and give away for starters. Not sure what else we will find today.

Thank you for stopping by my neck of the blogasphere!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA for so long! I have been a busy little bee (hence the no posting), but have accomplished a few things on my "to do list". Yippee!

The girls have been enjoying school and I have enjoyed them being there! Nothing like being honest here! LOL.

I will post pics of things I have worked on later.

May you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here is Emily in her "first day of school" duds. Isn't she cute? She is now officially a first grader! Wow!!!! It seems like yesterday I was holding a sick little girl in my arms, I blink and now she is going on 6!!!

Here is Destiny in her "first day of school" duds. Hard to believe she is now a 5th grader! Wow!!!! She is now quite the beautiful young lady! I believe we will soon have to chase off the boys that will come knocking on our door in the not so distant future!

Thank you for coming to my side of the blogasphere! May your days be blessed!

Monday, July 19, 2010


This is what I have been working on! So cute and with different papers you can create a mulititude of various thems!

This is a simple composition book, add some papers and you have a cool looking journal.

Don't have those kind of books? Ok then, using simple spiral bound notebooks, cover them with beautiful papers and you can make whatever type of speciality book you want.

Or if you have a few coasters hanging around and a bind-it-all, you can make your own art journal (or diary, etc.) that will make the kids want to have for themselves!

You could even have a party for your tween and guests. They can make their own "books" and embellish them as simply or detailed as they desire!

No matter what you decide to do, have fun with it. Enjoy the time you have with your family. May you have a blessed day!

Friday, July 9, 2010


We all go thru changes in our lifetime. Good, bad, but totally necessary for us to become the person God wants us to be.

These are just a few of the changes we are going through right now (in no particular order):

Destiny and Emily love to scrapbook as much as I do! See how big they are getting! Destiny will be going in the 5th grade! And Emily will be going into the 1st grade! My how time flies!

Tyler is now 16!!!! WHERE has the time gone? I can remember when he was a baby in my arms, and now look! Handsome young man.

Dad died this past April, and it still seems strange not to see him when I go over to Pat's!

You see me in the picture above, I no longer have the long hair, now it is really, really short! I will have to take some pictures of me with my new do!

Whatever changes you may be going through, know that you are not alone. Jesus is with us every step of the way!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Here we are (I was here too, just forgot to have someone take my picture doing some work) working in our garden spot. Last weekend we were busy/rainy to work in it. So thought the time was running out to plant. I told Les, if we don't get it planted by this weekend we will not get anything out of it.

Here is Les and Destiny, she is watering the newly planted veggies and Les is explaining something to her.

I showed the girls how I make a hill for cukes, zuchinni, and summer squash, so they do not get eaten by birds and will not come uncovered when it rains.

Here is Les writing on the sticks what is in each row (cause I tend to forget over time).

Here is Destiny writing what is in the hill. LOL. love the look on her face).

Emmy also helped with the projects here and also wanted a "turn" to water the newly planted seeds.

I hope you all have a safe and happy "4th of July"!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a little of what I have been up to.

Destiny has a new bed. Here she is on it.

and a picture of Destiny and Emily.

Here is Tyler. He is a little camera shy.

There is no hiding when Grammie has her camera.

Friday, May 28, 2010

अ फिएल्ड ऑफ़ Lupin

A Field of Lupin
I took these photos this morning before leaving for daycare. Enjoy!

May your day be filled with beauty.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

मोर्निंग dew

Morning Dew

I still haven't figured out how to fix my problem in the title. I think it is set on a different language.

Anyway, this is what I saw out my kitchen door. Click on the pic if you want it larger.

Isn't it beautiful?

when I saw this I had to run and get my camera!

This is the grape vine that runs along the railing on the deck.

When Les and I first moved into this house 9 1/2 years ago the vines were considerably smaller. Look at them now.

Simply beautiful! May you all have a blessed day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

हैप्पी मदर'स डे

What is up with this??????

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in cyberworld!

I will be posting more things later on this week.

May all you Moms be having the time of your life today!

Blessings to all.

Friday, April 23, 2010

अत अ लोस फॉर words

I haven't been blogging for awhile. I had some family that was ill. The majority of them are better.

My Dad had a heart attack on April 15th and was hospitalized with it. He went to EMMC in Bangor. He was there for a few days and was getting better. He died Sunday April 18th. We had visitation last Wednesday night and a short service Thursday night. Tommorrow we bury him with full military honors.

This is Dad with my sister Patty taken a couple of years ago.

This is one with Dad and Emmily and Destiny.

This one is the girls and I with Dad.

Dad, you were a special man, special Dad, and an awesome grandfather! You have touched many people's heart. You will be missed greatly. Love you!

अत अ लोस फॉर words

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Group Therapy

Now this is my kind of "Group Therapy"!

I went to a crop with Kim and Company to Holiday Inn in Waterville yesterday. They spent the night, with pool accommodations, hot tub and all around relaxation. I had originally planned on staying with them, until a little girl got all teary eyed because she couldn't come with Mommy! Sigh, since she has emotional issues, and has a hard time being anywhere without me, I conceded to a "day" of scrap booking. I will have other times I can go and enjoy "group therapy" with my scrap booking buddies!

The delight and happiness when I arrived home from both Destiny and Emily, was the best "homecoming" I have ever received! So I spent an hour listening to what they did and how they spent their day with Pop! I am so totally amazed at how quickly these daughters of mine are growing and maturing! Soon I will be able to bring my girls to the "group therapy" too!

Too all of you out there in the blogosphere, may you enjoy your families and also enjoy your friends! May you be blessed in all that you do.

Enough of my ramblings! Here are the cast of characters: Shannon and Sharon

Patsy (she went home last night too)


The HUGE roast beef sandwich we had for lunch!

Jane with a quarter of her sandwich! I told you they were HUGE!

Shannon and Sharon with their quarter of sandwich!

Patsy with her sandwich quarter (Jane is in the background)

Lisa and Lisa

Kim hiding behind her half sandwich.

And last but not least, Me with my sandwich quarter (Patsy is in the background)

Yes I was still in awe of the size of my half sandwich!

All in all, we had a great day! I had to re-do some of Lisa's thank you cards, because I didn't melt the embossing powder all the way. Parts of the thank in thank you rubbed off! Ok, truth be told, I had to re do MOST of the cards! Sigh, just glad I didn't send them to her the way they were!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Here is the sunset from my front door this evening. Beautiful.

I love the view from here. Away from city traffic. I never know what I will see out here. Last week there was 10 deer crossing the road to go in the field behind our vehicles. There have been as many as 20 turkeys in our yard at a time feasing on the crab apple tree as well.

I thought I would share a glimse of my world with you today.

May all your days be blessed, and your nights beautiful!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Inspiration from DCWV paper stack

Here are a few cards I made after Patsy gave me The Mariposa Stack.

What beautiful papers! If you love butterflies you will love this paper stack! Take a look at what I made.

I left it at Patsy's after I got it (less to haul back and forth), so I wouldn't be working on it at midnight! Well to say the least, I dreamt the cards I would make with it. Now I know I am not the only one that does that.

I made a few cards using a different techinque I will post on later.

I even made (5) 6x6 inch cards!

Let me know how you like them, and while you are at it, let me know what inspires you as well.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Morning!

Today I am going to my Dad's to spend some time with him, so my dear sis can go to church. It will be good to see him again as it has been a couple of weeks since I last saw him.

This morning as I sit at my computer, I am feeling very thankful for my Dad. I am very lucky to have had a man with a great sense of humor. I can remember all the fun times we used to have as a kid growing up. Some of them was hilarious! I won't bore you with the details, you will have to trust me on this. LOL.

Dad, everytime I think of you, I thank Jesus. You have helped mold me into the person I am today. Love you Dad.

May your dad be blessed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New cards

I have made some cards from Close To My Heart's Veranda paper package. Love the papers! Using Close To My Heart Cards and Envelopes, I can make more than 50 cards. Depending on how I cut the papers I could make up to 130 or more cards per paper pack! Now that is a good thing. LOL. I really like to make the most out of my money.

With these cards I cut the paper at 5 1/4" by 4" and got 6 fronts out of one 12" by 12" sheet of Background and Texture paper. I liked the pattern of the paper so I stamped my greetings, added some diecuts (using Spellbinders dies), or adding the new Just Blooms Paper Flowers Spring Blossom ($7.95 for 105 flowers, and butterflies). Of course I had to add some bling with my Crystal Stickles (love my bling).

These are simple but nice looking.

I plan on making more to give away for goodie bags at the crops I attend.

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here it is 10 days into the new year and this is my first post! I have been busy designing new workshops and putting together new card kits for my classes. Thought I had better take some time to say hi here.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun-filled Christmas and ringing in the new year. I was the second one in my household to poop out and go to bed. LOL. Destiny fell asleep before she could see the new year in too, and Les actually fell asleep before the the clock struck midnight. What an exciting bunch we are here. LOl.

I have some new things I need to take pictures of to show you. Close to My Heart has come out with some pretty papers this time and I want to take photos when it is daylight out of the layouts, cards and other items I have created with them.

Have a great new year and may all your days be blessed.