Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It is amazing how much we live on a schedule! I keep the girls on a schedule that suits them and makes them more easy to live with. Let me explain, children with learning disabilities, learn and fuction better with set schedules.

Now that said, I must confess, I too, have a disability I have lived with most if not all my life. That would be ADHD. People that know me would say, I could figure that out just watching you fly around doing things. LOL. I didn't realize this until a couple of years ago. Some would say that this really isn't a disability that is bad. And others would disagree. I do like being able to do things quickly, and doing several things at a time, however when I want to slow down and go to sleep, sometimes I have a problem. Hence the reason I am blogging at 2 or 3 in the morning.

That said, I try to use my ADHD constructively. The times I cannot sleep I try to use wisely and get caught up on things I have fallen behind on, like swaps, or classes I will teach, or even come up with new ideas for workshops. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning I can make up a dozen or so cards, or a few layouts to be used, or given away at a later time.

This morning I should be at my table working on a layout for a gathering I will be having (weather permitting) this morning. I have an idea for an easy and quick Easter layout I hope all will like.

I will post the pictures later on today of the completed layout and possibly some more Easter cards I have been working on. Have a great and blessed day.

Once I get the hang of placing these pictures I will be a happier woman. LOL. I have the option of them stamping easter eggs or flowers to add to the layout if they so choose.

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klasieprof said...

I can agree EXACTLY with having a schedule. My oldest (14) has 'autism'...Asperger's- and having a schedule was absolutely CRITICAL. He would ALWAYS ask from the time he got up in the morning..."What next" "then what" until the entire day was laid out. It is just the way their brain works.