Monday, March 2, 2009

Things accomplished

Things I have accomplished today. I made 4 loaves of bread, cut my hubby's hair and I made 3 aprons! Woo Hoo! Yesterday I made a bib apron for me and a pair of pants. The girls saw my apron and wanted one for themselves too.

I came up with my own pattern as I didn't have enough material for the patterns I had. I think they came out pretty cute. I made a simple tie for them and had some pretty colors of fabric in my stash.

Yes the girls have been in their pj's all day as we had another snow day here in Maine.

Now to put them to work cooking! I think they said something about wanting to make some cookies.

May you be blessed this day in what ever you may do.

1 comment:

Pat said...

Hey where's mine!? lol The girls look cute in them. Did they make cookies? Where is the pic of yours? Huh? I want to see it. lol
nice job Sis!