Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st

Today is commonly known as April Fools day! To all of those people that have been born on this day Happy Birthday to you! A special one to you Marshall!

It seems that this week is a busy one for me. I have not one, but two card workshops. Whew! Finally finished the last card kit last night and packed everything away for today. Saves time when I can do that, like lay out the girls clothes for the next day where they can get to them (and they do not have mismatched clothing to wear). Also saves me time when I can get my clothes layed out as well, and hubby, well he takes over the choosing of his cloths! LOL.

I finished the two swaps for Lisa and sent them out Monday. I have already posted the Lucy one now for the spiderman one. When I took the pictures of these layout, I did not have them glued down. Obviously did that after the pictures were taken.

Now for the photos:

I should remember the photos always goes to the top. Hmmmmnnnn, wonder how to change it. Oh well that will have to be a project for another time as mine has run out. Must get ready for this day already! Yes my day starts early!

Have a blessed day.

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Pat said...

ya can you believe it Marshall is 28 years old? Well I can't believe it anyway. love your layouts I would like to see them in person. Sometimes pics don't do justice if you know what I mean. Anyway see you on Saturday.