Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1

June 1,2008! Oh my, summer is fast approaching! I guess my grandmother was right. She told me when you get older the time seems to fly by! It does indeed seem to be flying by to me now.

Well, I have been busy with some swaps with CTMH consultants and I wanted to show you what I have come up with. A few months ago I joined a random stamped creativity swap with 5 other creative genius'. We were to stamp either (1) 12" x 6" or (2) 6" x 6" card stock of our choice. Let me show you what I have come up with for cards to go with the different random stamped cardstock.

Since I STILL do not know how to insert the pictures where I want them to go, I will describe the cards so you can find them where ever they may end up.

Not sure why I am having such a difficult time uploading pictures here. everytime I want to save the pictures as done, internet explorer stops working. Well, I will have to get back to this later and get the girls ready for church.

Have a blessed day.

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Pat said...

Beautiful cards Kat! You are sooooo talented!