Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emily's Birthday party

It appears that I have added these pictures in the wrong order, lol, go figure. Maybe when I do this more often I can do it right. Here is Pat and Scott enjoying some cake and icecream.

Here is Destiny with her plate of cake and icecream. Looks like she likes it.

Here is Emily chowing down on hers with Kelsey looking on.

This is Emily, overcome with tears of happiness and Daddy is comming to rescue her.

This is Emily, we sang the "birthday song" to her. She was so happy and excited! Then the tears came.

We had such a wonderful day. Even at church everyone sang the "Birthday song" to her.

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Pat said...

God bless her little heart!! It is hard to imagine and remember a time in our life when these girls were not here. Isn't God good to give us such blessing?! love you sis.