Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Morning

It is now 6:30am in my world. All in my house is asleep except for Emily and myself. She has been up off and on for a few hours now due to her coughing attributed to asthma. I gave her a treatment at 5:30 this morning, and now her coughing is lessening. This is a milder case of asthma. When I really worry about whether or not I will have to take her to the ER, or call an ambulance, when the treatment does not slow down her coughing. That, my friends, is really scary.

I am supposed to go to a card workshop today, and as long as Emily doesn't get any worse, I will go. My husband is here and knows what to do when needed. Thank goodness for that. When Emily first came into our home, there would be times I would go to bed early (which was ok as I worked 3rd shift) and he would treat her and watch her until I woke up, then I would take over. This went on for a year and a half. Since I realized I wouldn't be able to live on an hour or 3 of sleep for extended periods of time, I quit working. Much easier for us all around except for the wallet.

It is times like this that I take a moment and look back at how far this little girl has come. The asthma attacks are lessening, and her health is improving greatly. She is now in her own little bed, which may or may not last her until next summer the way she is growing. LOL. This young lady knows her abc's and can count to 23 without any mistakes! Not a bad accomplishment for a 4 year old that was diagnosed with failure to thrive when we got her.

I have pictures of her birthday party I will post later. Right now I have to set out the clothes for the girls to wear.

You all have a wonderful weekend, and may you all be blessed.

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