Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow days

here is what the deck looks like, snow, snow and more snow!

Here's my hubby trying to shovel out a path from all the snow that has drifted.

The girls are playing on the deck a few days ago. Great job on the shoveling Destiny!

Snow days, snow days, nothing like a snow day! No school for today so we can get plowed out from under God knows how many inches of the wonderful white stuff! Even hubby didn't go in to work today!

I cannot post pictures yet as the wind is blowing so hard I may be blown away! Just take my word, it is a white wonderland out there.

I plan on taking today and having the girls help with the cooking. I need to make a few cards first then clear off the table so the girls can mix to their hearts content.

I am off to create, you all have a blessed day!

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Pat said...

Wow! I am surprised the deck is still standing lol. Boy we sure did get a lot of snow. I thought this winter was going to be easier. Ha so much for farmers almanac. I am glad someone enjoyed the yucky white stuff. l