Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the day before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas,
and all through my house,
the presents are hidden from my little mouse!
The stockings are stored in the closet I fear,
when do I get them, the time's almost here!


Am I the ONLY one NOT ready for Christmas yet? Groan! What is wrong with me??????

I will not panic, I will NOT panic! LOL. Oh boy seems like I wanted to do so much for Christmas this year. The clock is slowly ticking away. I will get done what I will get done!

I am going to take a deep breath and relax. Have a cup of coffee, and go from there. We will be having our little party at daycare today, as Monday was a snow day and yesterday was the trip to the dentist. The girls are done for 6 months! Yahoo.

Ok you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I will get to work on my other "projects" when time permits. Have a fun day and enjoy your families.

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