Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to make 100 cards in 5 days

This is my recipe for making 100 cards in 5 days. You will be surprised how quickly these work up!

Step 1. Choose stamp, card stock and Designer Paper to go with the image desired.

Step 2. Cut out card stock for the image times 10. This is where you will save time.

Step 3. Stamp images onto pre-cut card stock.

Step 4. Color images. I color all images with the same color first, then go to the second color, and so on. This saves time as well.

Step 5. Cut the designer paper for the front of the card, remembering to cut 10 for each card you are making. You can also make the number of cards you desire.

Step 6. On the inside of the card bases stamp the saying you want for each card.

Step 7. Glue the designer paper to the front of each card.

Step 8. Glue or use foam tape (for dimension)on the images you have stamped and colored.

Step 9. Add other embellishments (if desired) to the cards.

Step 10. Match up the cards with the envelopes and viola, you have 10 (or how ever many) cards finished!

Of course you can do as many cards at a time as you desire. This is how I make as many cards as possible in a day.

Happy cardmaking!

May you have many blessings.

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