Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's resolutions (or accomplishments)

Today is New Year's eve! I have been thinking of what I wanted to accomplish this next year. While this list could be never ending, I will start with these few desires:

To eat and be generally healthier. Hopefully that will include exercising (when my heel, heals) as well as getting outside more with the girls.

To de-clutter my home (hubby will be very happy with this) and get rid of things I haven't used or may never use (again hubby will be very happy).

To organize my craft supplies (sewing and paper crafting).

To reach more women with my scrapbooking business. I want to have everyone I teach feel better about themselves, while realizing they too, can do more than they expected (just as Jesus is teaching me, I can do more WITH Him than without Him!)

To start my (sewing or paper crafting) gifts lots earlier than this past year! I think the goal should be at least once a month.

While these seem like a few, it could take me all year to accomplish.

What are your goals?

What ever they be, may you be a blessing to others.

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