Thursday, February 28, 2008


Time seems to fly by in an instant. Hard to believe it has been so long since I have added anything to my blog. So sorry everyone.

Not sure everyone knows this, but here goes. My girls daycare provider has had pnemonia and was in the hospital for 3 nights last week. I covered for her with the kiddos. Since it was a vacation week the most I had were 8. Not a bad number at all.

They are a good bunch of kids for the most part. Although they like playing outside, and would have loved to be out more, it was so muddy I didn't let them.

We had a good time anyway and made Patsy and Joan some get well cards. I found out the kids REALLY liked the card making, so I will plan on making something different with them soon.

The time is getting late, and I must get ready for my day. I will be back later and post some Easter cards I have been making.

So for now, have a great day.

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