Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter layouts

Here are the gals working on their layouts. Industrious bunch of women! Working so hard and being so creative.
Here are the cast of characters. From left to right: Daryl and April ( Belinda's mom); Heather and Silvia ( in the dark pink); Belinda is holding up one of her layouts; hey wait a minute! How did I get in there? Ok I am the one in the pink, talking to Heather.
Great bunch of ladies to work with. I must say I really enjoy going over and showing them just how easy it really is to make nice looking pages to hold your important pictures. And I enjoy their company too!


Pat said...

Hey you guys look great!!!! And you're having a good time. I can tell. Wish I could have been there that day. Maybe next time. love ya sis. Pat

gaby991 said...

ha i see you got me in there boy! i think i am the best looking one in the bunch (NOT) lol ya i had a good time it is alot of fun cant wait to do the card in a week or 2 well see u my fiend