Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PEACE Reigns!

It is now after 4 am my time, and it is so quiet I can hear myself typing on the keyboard! That only happens 1.) when no one else is here or 2.) everyone is sleeping. Since I am hardly EVER here by myself, this is usually when I have "my time". This is very important to all human beings, but especially to this wife, mom, grandmother - ME! This is the time I relax, read my bible, work out some layouts or cards that I have dreamed up and/or just reflect on what I want to accomplish in the day.
Since I always have my hand in more projects than is humanly possible at times, I try to use the time I have to myself constructively. I plan like cards/layouts together, themed projects together etc. Then I pull all needed materials in a large canvas bag together, so when I CAN work on them, I just grab that bag and go to town!
This method DOES work, at least for me. In two days I made (just me) 150 cards! The first day, I stamped, embossed, chalked pieces and embellishments, then started assembling them. The second day I finished assembling them and added the envies, boxed them up in groups of 10 cards and had them ready for delivery before I had to go and pick up the girls at daycare. See what one highly motivated person can do? Being organized certainly helps!
Please, do not even for one moment think that I am a truely organized person 100% of the time. For alas, I am not. I try to make it count when I need it.
I do need to get ready for the crop in West Bath Saturday January 19, So the MOST I will be bringing is 2 bags, as compared to the 4 bags I brought last time!


Pat said...

Well Sis, You sure do get up early. Or do you ever sleep? That is the question. Wow! 150 cards in just two days. That is amazing. It is like you are living your life in fast forward. I know that's not true though because you are doing an amazing job raising those girls. I am proud of you! I know Les is helping too and that is a blessing for you. I can't wait to go to the crop on the 19th. And I want to see those cards you made too whenever I can get up your way again. Well gotta go. Love Your favorite Sis, Pat

Pat said...

Thanks Kat for the comment on my blog of Frankie. Ya he will warm up to the girls when they are older and not so rambunctious.
By the way what does SAHM mean? It is on you heading. Well gotta go for now. Keep on writing. And I will keep on reading lol. Love your Favorite Sister, Pat