Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh happy day

It's Saturday! Yeah! I still have yet to figure out the how to in the posting of pictures. LOL. For those that know me, well I WILL figure it out, EVENTUALLY! LOL.

I have on my calendar of things to do for today, finish the card swap for Lisa, prep the 4 double layouts (8 total) in Christmas for Belinda before Monday, and the most important, go shopping with Patsy. LOL.

Okay not sure how much will be accomplished today, probably depends on how long I am gone!

I have been working on cards for a swap and have finished these so far:

Ha ha ha ha. Ok so I should add pictures first then add my message. Oh well, at least I followed the directions this time! Ya, ya I know, I should have the first time! Guess I was somewhat tired!

I will post more later. Got to go and get ready for SHOPPING!

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Pat said...

Wow! You are a blogger now. Yes, it would help if you had your pics on. LOL Anyway, I am proud of you. You are doing great on your new adventure. Keep up the good work!. Your favorite Sis, Pat