Sunday, January 13, 2008

More textured cards

Ok, this texture thing has got hold of me! Or do I have hold of it? Either way I can't seem to stop! Keep getting more and more ideas of other cards I can do. Like how one idea can lead to another, that is what is happening to me on these cards. I was working on the Life Delights paper packet, when I thought the Paper Garden one would look equally good using texture(especially since I LOVE purples). When I finished with the Life Delights packet (woefully small scraps left there), I started with the Paper Garden paper packet. I decided to cut the papers differently as I had used most of the certain sizes up and wanted more of that same size. As I wanted to get more pieces for the card making, I reconfigured Antionette's "20 from 3" program. I still haven't finished makeing these cards yet, so I do not know how many I can get from 1/2 paper packet.
I the mean time, I will post the pictures I took earlier this morning. Enjoy!

I am STILL thinking of a number!


Pat said...

This is awesome! I wish it were summer and I had money I could come over to play and make cool stuff too. Anyway keep them coming. I will get there someday. Hey you gonna bring it to the crop on Saturday?
love your favorite Sister Pat

Kathy said...

I had wanted to work on layouts, but now not so sure. LOL

Casey Turner said...

Hi Kathy, I just was checking out your blog and you do great work!! Love this paper pack, especially now that I see it being used!! Thanks for giving me your blog site!!