Sunday, January 6, 2008

These hands . . .

have changed many diapers;

have made many meals;

have done tons of laundry;

have done boatloads of dishes;

have wiped oceans of tears away;

have held you when you were heartbroken;

have mended countless boo boo's;

have decorated mountians of birthday cakes and hosted many parties;

have hugged you in both happy times and sad;

have made clothes for you;

have made quilts for you to stay warm and to remember me by;

have crafted many gifts for you to enjoy;

have prayed for you.

These hands have done these things, not for money or recognition; but for the LOVE I have for you.

These hands are LOVE.

Have YOU used YOUR hands to show how much you love someone?

by: Kathy Kendall


Pat said...

Dear Sis, It is soooo true. Not only have your hands touched so many lives but, they have loved them too. Thank you for lovingly, touching my life. Your favorite sister Pat

Kathy said...

Dear sis,
You are so welcome. You have touched my life as well.
Thank you!